What is 5g?

In technical terms, 5g internet service is the fifth generation cellular technology in the wireless category that improves upon currently 4g connectivity by several levels. Just to put things in perspective, some estimates put 5g wireless speeds at up to 20Gbps. This is far and beyond what currently wireless technology is capable of and is why 5g home broadband is so highly anticipated.

At this time, 5g internet providers are few due to how new the technology currently is. However, it is predicted that this number will increase exponentially over the next two years. 5g internet is predicted to hit peak saturation within the next three to four years. Considering the rate of internet adoption all through the world, most of the human population will be able to use 5g home internet except for the most remote regions.

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The Promise of 5g

The broader implications of 5g home internet is expanded growth in the tech sector. With the global economy becoming increasingly integrated with technology, virtually every industry will benefit in some form with the emergence of 5g. For just a small list of major sectors that will be affected by the existence of 5g home broadband, you can refer to the following:

  • Stock market
  • E-commerce
  • Tech sector
  • Fintech
  • Entertainment
  • News
  • Gaming
  • Cloud computing
  • Data analytics
  • Forecasting
  • Logistics & Supplies
  • Manufacturing
  • Auto Industry
  • Airline
  • Travel & Tours
  • Energy
  • Science & Engineering

From a general perspective, these areas are quite broad and that’s the idea. The prospect of 5g internet service offers becoming available will affect all but the most outdated of industries. Even a field as antiquated as coal mining can still benefit from the technology and it already has no future, to begin with. With this being the case, it’s quite easy to tell how far the impact of 5g internet providers will be.

Who Benefits from 5g?

The industries that will benefit from the emergence of 5g home internet have already been listed. However, in the end, the ones who have most to gain will be based on perspective. That is to say, in terms of overall profit and business growth, it will be the corporations who will have the most reasons to celebrate 5g. In terms of ease of access to online services, fewer interruptions when surfing online, and general blinding internet speeds, the consumers will have plenty of reasons to celebrate 5g.

Then there are the various government agencies, non-profit organizations, and charities that will also make use of 5g home broadband. All of these have a significant reason for being glad to have fast internet connections. This is especially true for science and research endeavors, with data transfers and cloud computing already playing major roles in multiple advancements. 5g has the potential to put all of that into hyper speed.

What is Beyond 5g?

So, with the nature of 5g internet explained and the benefits of it discussed as well as who the recipients of the benefits will be, it’s time to look beyond 5g. It might be premature, especially considering that 5g is still in its infancy, but in such a fast paced world, it pays to put some attention towards the future. This goes double for the future of internet connectivity considering the role it is playing in the modern world.

If the question is with regards to what comes after 5g, the gut reaction might be to conclude that 6g is the answer. While this is certainly logical and even likely, given the trajectory that the internet industry is going, there are actually plenty of other aspects to consider. For starters, there are plans to significantly expand the scope covered by wireless internet.

Taking Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s plans, for example, he basically wants to put a satellite on the moon and then beam internet access to the earth via a bunch of orbiting smaller satellites covering much of the earth’s surface. Then there are the technologies being developed that rely on light spectrum instead of radio waves to transfer data. There have been some promising results in this area, but there are still challenges to overcome.

The point is that there may not be just one future following 5g internet service. Rather, it could be multiple options that consumers could choose from. This can only be good since competition breeds better services and more conscious users. In the end, the future is up for grabs.