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What is 5G?

Fifth generation mobile networks, popularly shortened to 5G, is the latest in mobile network connectivity. Compared to speeds obtainable on current 4G networks, 5G is touted to be faster with shorter response times (latency). Such is the capacity and capability of 5G to meet the demands of many devices being connected while on the go.
5G is in response to the continuous growth in data consumption and number of connected devices.
Another interesting aspect of the 5G mobile network connection is the huge computing power 5G-enabled devices will have. Combining this feature with the lower response time (about 1ms) means mobile users can enjoy instant connection to the internet. Also, streaming live content will benefit from the lower latency and downloading will be almost 100 times faster.
Let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits that come with embracing 5G.

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